Rechargeable LED Warning Light With Magnetic Base

Model : MCC 100-R (Red)
LED’s : 6 Modules with 12 High Bright Led’s each in Hexagonal Configuration
Colours : Available in Red, Blue, White & Orange (Amber)
Voltage : Supply Voltage 12VDC – Rechargeable Battery 12V 7aH
Flashing Rate : LED’s “On” 500 – 2000mS, Interval “Off”100 – 1000mS (Adjustable)
Current Consumption : Min 20mA (LED’s Off) Max 300mA (LED’s On)
Mounting : Magnetic Base Steel Capped Magnet 80mm dia.
Charging : Charging socket fitted with Green LED indication. Connect 16VAC Transformer 15VA
CAUTION : Unit is designed to accept maintenance charge only (trickle charge) If the battery is flat it should be removed from the unit for charging purposes.
Operation : Tilt unit upright to switch “On” and tilt on side to switch “Off”
Duty Cycle : Approx. 20 Hrs continuos flashing (fully charged battery)
Optional : 3 Colour Unit (Switch Selelctable) & Tripod mounting