s – Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper and Aluminium.


“We Have Mastered The Art Of Scratching”

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A Few Examples Of Products Previously Manufactured:


Control & Mimic Panels:

Our Custom panels are available in a variety of materials and are generally manufactured from CAD engineering

drawings. Panels are machined to incorporate any shape required and are machine engraved to ensure permanent

marking. We also have the ability to engrave directly onto Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel or Fibreglass enclosure doors.

As well as engraving, our machines have profile milling capabilities, resulting in the entire project being done on the

same machine to fine tolerances. This procedure saves time and money as well as ensuring high accuracy.

Architectural & Corporate Signage

Braille: We pride ourselves at having developed Control Panels & Signage for the visually impaired.

Cut Out Letters / Numbers:

The traditional look and highly prestigious appeal of cut out letters enhances the image of any organisation.

With the aid of our advanced engraving software, any letter that can be engraved, can be routed out, up to 1 Metre high and supplied in a variety of materials.

We supply and ship complete projects with simple D.I.Y instructions countrywide.

Digital Printing on most materials including Aluminium

Electrical labeling requirements – Legends, Distribution Boards, Busbars. Labels are custom made to clients specifications – simply email width, height and text requirements with preferred material and material colour to us.

We offer Extraordinary turn-around times.

Identification Warning & Informative Signage

Key Rings – Large Runs Our Speciality

Light Aircraft Control Panels – Extensive Work On Huey Helicopter Control Panel Refurbishment.

Machine Control Faceplates – Wired to Components Optional

Measuring Gauges:

Our Measuring Gauges are machined to any shape required, engraved for permanent marking and are available in a variety of materials. Our machine accuracy is based on CAD engineering drawings with fine tolerances .

As with all products, our measuring gauges are  inspected to ensure they are error free, before being dispatched.

We have also manufactured a large range of fishing gauges for the local fishing authorities.

Mimic Panels – Wired to Components Optional

Nameplates, Deskplates & Doctors Plaques.

Plumbing & Electrical Tags.

Routed Wooden Signage

Stencils – Using most materials.

Security Identification.

Signage Letters – Individual or Logos 1 Metre High X Any Width

Vinyl Cut letters & signage.

Vinyl Printed letters, labels & signage.


Huey Helicopter Control Facia  Refurbishment.

Private Clients –  Cessna & Glider Control Panel Re-Design.

 Mark Shuttleworth – Soyuz Module Control Mimic Panel.


        Wild & Marr – 19” Rack Customised Aluminium Facia, Photoanodised           Evacuation Faceplates & Components.

  Private Clients –  Bespoke Amplifier Facias, Engraved & Holes Milled.


  Cobra – Dashboards & Components

  Bentley – Vintage Wheel Knock-on’s Refurbished

       Supercars – Dashboards Developed For Killarney Racing Cars.


           Kalley Flooring – Netcare Hospital Paediatric Ward, Flooring Templates.


ESKOM – 19” Rack Transformer Ring Main Mimic Panels, Panel Manufacture, Customised Engraved Labels, Bespoke Control Panels, Faceplates & Mimic Panels.

PORT AUTHORITY – Developed Customised Rechargeable Magnetic Flashing Led Units Including Battery Charging Units For Crane Operation Warning Visibility.


C-Dynamics – Bespsoke Catamaran Distribution Panels, Stainless Steel Facia Panels & Bilge Alarm Mimic Panels.

Damen Shipyards – Brass Labels, Vinyl Signage, Stencils, Engraved Labels, Various Projects.

De Beers Marine – Stainless Steel Control Panel Faceplates.

Nexus Marine – Main Electrical Panels To Clients Specification


 Slanghoek & Badsberg – Plant Mimics & Control Panels.


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To supply the Electrical & Electronic Industry with   Alternative, Innovative, Cost Effective Components with Custom Designed Panels & Engraved Items Manufactured to the Highest Standards – On Time.


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