About Us

We are a BEE exempt establishment, dedicated to providing high quality, customized, customer solutions timeously. As a unique bespoke design & manufacturing concern, we are capable of in – house turnkey projects to suit  our clients individual needs within, but not limited to, the Electrical & Electronic environments. Our 20 years of mimicking experience in designing, developing & manufacturing for most industries, has led to a host of innovative opportunities and solutions. We openly welcome the most diverse manufacturing or development requests within our realm of expertise.

Our field of expertise encompasses prestigious clients, some of which Include:

SA Navy

  • Stainless Steel Facia Panels & Bilge Alarm Mimics.
  • De Beers Marine – Control Panel Facia.
  • C-Dynamics – Bespsoke Catamaran Distribution Panels.


  • ESKOM – 19” Rack Transformer Ring Main Mimic Panels.
  • Panel Manufactrers – Customised Engraved Labels, Bespoke Control Panels, Faceplates & Mimic Panels.


  • Huey Helicopter Control Facia  Refurbishment.
  • Private Clients –  Cessna & Glider Control Panel Re-Design.
  • Mark Shuttleworth – Soyuz Module Control Mimic Panel.

Wine Farms

  • Slanghoek & Badsberg – Mimics & Control Panels.


  • Wild & Marr – 19” Rack Customised Aluminium Facia, Photoanodised Evacuation Faceplates & Components.


  • Kalley Flooring – Netcare Paediatric Ward, Flooring Templates.

Port Authority Container Depot

  • Rechargeable LED Flashing Unit & Charger For Cranes Developed.


  • Cobra – Dashboards & Components
  • Killarney Race Circuit – (The Late) Owen Ashley Development Supercar Dashboards.

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