Automated Home Connected Appliances

The all new concept of automated home connected appliances makes it possible for people to know what’s happening at home while they are away via their SmartPhones and other Smart devices. Additionally, users can program automated devices to respond appropriately to environmental cues and anticipate the user’s needs. In this article, we will explore the emerging technology of home automation. Read on to learn more.

There are several companies that make smart appliances for home use. Among them are Cisco Systems and Microsoft. There are also a number of smaller companies that offer a variety of automated products. So far, consumers are not rushing to purchase products that will only save them a few steps but will cost a hefty sum; however, there are a few exceptions. Outdoor type appliances seem to be gaining popularity more quickly than many interior use devices. For example, security systems, garage door openers, moisture sensors and other systems that can be operated using SmartPhone apps have proven to be practical, affordable and popular among users.

These sorts of appliances and systems can be controlled using a variety of devices, such as SmartPhone, WiFi routers, windows PCs and cable boxes. Open source software and apps are available to facilitate use. Unfortunately, many people feel that the resources available to them to use automated appliances are too complex; however, just as with any type of technology, devices and systems become more user-friendly and more affordable by the day. One way that this is happening is through enthusiastic experimentation with the available open source software. Communities of hardware experimenters are always fiddling around to create new ways of using the devices and the available means of controlling them.

The one thing that seems to be holding the concept of automated home connected appliances back is that, so far, consumers are seeing them as a novelty rather than a necessity. This tends to prevent investment in development, which slows down the rate at which newer, simpler and more affordable products are available. A house that is truly automated would be able to do things such as letting the user know if the power was out in the home, thus preventing extremes of temperatures that might cause damage to the home and contents. This sort of capability could save users a great deal of money; however, it’s not a very “sexy” selling point.

Producers of automated home devices are currently hard at work to spread the good news about their wares. One company, SmartThings, has begun sending its contributors home kits that will allow them to set up their home lighting so that it can be controlled by SmartPhone. The kit also features a moisture sensor that will alert the user to flooding in the basement and a motion sensor that acts as a security system. All of this can be controlled by mobile app.

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